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Beach House & Coastal Window Treatment Ideas

Coastal Window Treatment Options for Beach Houses

Every detail matters in coastal living, including the windows of your beach abode. Join us as we explore window treatment options tailored to infuse your home with the serene essence of seaside living.

Specific Requirements of Coastal Window Treatments

Coastal window treatments face unique challenges from exposure to moisture and intense sunlight. They must endure these elements while maintaining the tranquil ambiance of beachfront living.


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Window treatments for coastal areas need to resist humidity and intense sunlight. Woodlore Plus® shutters and aluminum mini blinds are both great options. Shutters have a waterproof option with stainless steel hinges, while aluminum blinds are durable and low-maintenance. Additionally, solar shades effectively block harmful UV rays, preventing furniture and flooring damage.
In beach homes, honeycomb, and cellular shades provide insulation by trapping air to prevent heat loss and gain. Roller shades offer light control with options for adjusting brightness and privacy. PerfectSheer™ Shades maintain a light, airy atmosphere while effectively controlling brightness in beach homes.
Shutters That Can Save You Energy And Money

When selecting window treatments for a coastal property, avoiding certain options to optimize the indoor environment is advisable. Dark-colored window treatments should be avoided as they tend to absorb heat, potentially resulting in a warmer interior. Furthermore, heavy drapes or curtains that hinder airflow and natural light should be omitted to prevent the creation of a stifling atmosphere. Instead, consider utilizing translucent or sheer fabrics for window treatments instead of opaque materials to allow natural light to permeate through while still maintaining privacy.

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