We Carry Beautiful Norman Solar Shades In The Villages & Lady Lake Area.

Norman Solar shades are a contemporary and innovative solution for window treatments that offer both energy efficiency and style. These shades are designed to reduce the impact of sunlight while preserving outward visibility and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. They do this by filtering harsh UV rays, reducing glare, and minimizing solar heat gain during the summer and solar heat loss during the winter. Solar shades are crafted from specially designed, high-performance materials, including vinyl, polyester, and synthetic fibers. These materials are durable, resilient, and long-lasting, providing excellent sunlight filtration while maintaining their quality over time. Their screen-like material and roller function make them unique from traditional window coverings, offering a modern and sophisticated look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Solar Shades In The Villages & Lady Lake Area


Norman Solar shades come in four different transparency levels, ranging from 1% to 10%. The 1% transparency level provides maximum privacy and light control, blocking the most visible light and making them ideal for spaces where glare reduction and UV protection are crucial. The 3% transparency level balances light control and visibility, reducing glare while allowing considerable natural light to filter through. This transparency level is often chosen for rooms where maintaining a connection with the outdoors is essential. The 5% transparency level offers a harmonious blend of light diffusion and outward visibility, reducing glare and UV exposure while allowing a notable amount of natural light to enter the room. Finally, the 10% transparency level maximizes outward visibility and natural light, providing minimal glare reduction but effectively blocking a significant portion of harmful UV rays. Apart from their stylish design and aesthetic appeal, solar shades offer several benefits, including UV protection that prevents damage to furniture, flooring, and other interior elements. They reduce glare on screens and surfaces, creating a comfortable and conducive space for work or relaxation. By minimizing solar heat gain, they contribute to energy efficiency, leading to potential cost savings on energy bills. Additionally, the UV protection offered by solar screen shades during the day helps preserve the color and integrity of interior furnishings, preventing fading and extending the lifespan of valuable interior decor. In conclusion, solar shades are an excellent and versatile choice for anyone looking for an elegant, energy-efficient, and practical window treatment solution that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room while providing several benefits to its inhabitants.

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